China is a huge but segmented market hence new comers need a right local partner to help define the entry approach for business growth.

Our teams are built with at least 20 years of multinational management or operational experiences, who understood your business and can provide sound strategic approch to help enter China and fulfill your strategic objectives under minimum risk.  

WISER provides comprehensive advisory services include China market entry strategy, local regulatory and legal advisory, channel partnership and growth strategy, local setup and management advisory, etc.

China market entry advisory
China Market-Entry
Regulatory and legal advisory
local setup and
Channel partner and growth strategy
M&A Advisory

Cross-border M&A is always a big challenge. We are familiar with China market and can help our client close M&A deals more efficiently. Following the engagement, we assist our client to identify qualified Chinese buyers or investors, prepare transaction structure & term sheet, facilitate negotiations and successfully close the deal.

Our connections with local industry funds, investment institutes, and public listed companies could help our clients find the best investment partner from China. Our M&A advisory service include below aspects.


Our private placement business assists growth-stage companies in raising private capital from China. Our services include the origination and execution of private placements in equity, debt and related securities.

In addition, we manage the roadshows to qualified investors who would contribute further value to your business. We will advise on capital structure and assist in long-term capital planning.

Private equity finance
Private bond finance
Strategic rights issue
Investment Management

Local Joint-Venture

To achieve sustainable and long-term business growth, direct engagement with clients with qualified local staff and operations are essential. WISER's expertise could help our client setup local team and operations more efficiently.

In parallel, WISER partners will be engaged in the JV operational and daily management during the market-entry phase, to facilitate key partnerships and agreements and fulfill mutual-agreed strategic objectives. When necessary, WISER will also help the local JV acquire strategic industry or financial investors from China to accelerate and scale up the business growth.

WISER postitions ourselves as "business accelerator" for the growth companies. When agreed milestone objectives fulfilled, WISER would handover the local JV to our client with a win-win arrangement.

Private Equity Fund



SINO-Europe Small & Midcap Acceleration Fund (SMAF) is a cross-border investment fund managed by WISER, focused on small and midcap public listed companies with the growth potential in China.

The SMAF fund is focused on the companies which has a market cap less than 150m USD, and in the phase of global expansion especially into Chinese market. Main focused industry segments include 5G/IoT, AI, Mobile Internet, Cleantech, medical, consumer brands, etc

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